Mr. Rajiv

Mr. Rajiv – Trustee

Just like his father Dr. Ruparelia, Rajiv was born in Uganda on January,2nd,1990. He is married to Mrs. Naiya Khagram Ruparelia and is a graduate of Financial Management from Regents College London. Rajiv manages several family businesses.

He is currently serving as the Managing Director of the Ruparelia Group. He is responsible for developing sound business strategies and delivering strong leadership across the group.

As a member on the Board of the Ruparelia Foundation, Rajiv is in charge of the general welfare department and fervently works towards promoting sports in the country explaining his love for playing golf and rugby. Rajiv’s heart has always been in his country of birth where he believes he can effect change by boosting the efforts of his compatriots whether through charity or job creation.

In 2016, he created 300 jobs within the group alone to accommodate unemployed Ugandans a figure so significant to be undertaken by any other company in Uganda in a calendar year