Foundation History


Sponsored the 20th Anniversary celebrations of Ngamba Island  Chimpanzee Sanctuary and pledged  continued support from the Ruparelia Foundation for 20 years in the sustainability of Ngamba through the Chimpanzee Trust .


Took 3 boys off the street aged 13-19 years. Enrolled them back in school. The boys had dropped out of school due to lack of school fees and had opted to sell chewing gum.


Partnered with Elizabeth House – a centre for special needs children to provide the disabled youth and children with shelter, a balanced diet and equipment like wheel chairs, commodes, walkers, among others. This to improve their wellbeing and make them more self-sufficient.


21st – 23rd August, the foundation organized a free eye camp. 4,032 people were screened country wide, 2,207 patients registered, 422 patients received reading glasses, 275 patients had cataract surgeries, and 180 patients received prescribed glasses.


Made a financial contribution to The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust Fund for the support of charitable projects in countries across common wealth.


On 18th/Feb/2013, the Foundation attained its certificate of registration