According to the African Development Bank, Education for all Global Monitoring report released earlier in 2016, 38 per cent of children who would be in lower secondary school in Africa, and 26 per cent of those who would be in primary school, all drop out.

A UNESCO report released earlier in 2012 had similar findings, suggesting that more than two in five children who start school will not complete primary school. School dropout rates in Africa were reported to be highest in Chad at 72 per cent, followed by Uganda at 68 per cent in that report.

We believe education is key element in alleviating people from poverty and the foundation’s initiative to reduce on the rate of school drop-outs, it awards scholarships to deserving students from primary to university. This has restored hope of having a better life in the future to many. Over 200m has been contributed through paying school fees for over 100 students at all education levels in and out of Uganda