We believe education is a key element in alleviating people from poverty and the foundation’s initiative is to lower the rate of school drop-outs. The foundation awards scholarships to deserving students from the primary to university levels, restoring hope of a better life and future for many. Over 200m Shillings has been contributed towards school fees for over 100 students at all education levels in Uganda and abroad.

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We are dedicated to improving the health of people in communities. We do this through social mobilization by the foundation and through our partners.

Over 200m shillings has been contributed towards medical bills, hospital renovations, purchase of essential hospital equipment and free health camps for communities.

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Sporting activities have the power to unify. The triumph of Uganda’s double gold medallist (both the World and Olympic Marathons) Stephen Kiprotich united Ugandans globally as we celebrated his win with a lot of national pride.

We believe in this unity that has the power to brings individuals and communities together for a common good. We therefore aim to facilitate and support sporting activities, events and even individuals.

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Community Support

We support a number of social wellbeing initiatives either through direct involvement as volunteers or through donations. Such activities feel us with a sense of belonging and inclusion. We believe a connected person is a supported person in society.

Our lifestyles, value systems, traditions and beliefs are all important to our social wellbeing and quality of life. We have grieved with those that were grieving and celebrated with those that were celebrating.

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Wildlife & Environment

We collaborate with different wildlife and environmental conservation organizations that are dedicated to protecting endangered species and preserving their natural habitats around in Uganda.

Over 100m has been contributed towards purchase of land for animals’ operation, their feeding among others.

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